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You can email us preferably at our HOTMAIL account,

gattart at hotmail dot com

I had to remove the links to our emails in order to avoid spamming...

or else we're often using the Yahoo and the MSN instant messengers, and on Skype too!

(with microphone and web-cam attached sometimes)


We're still here at home so there are many other classic modes of

communication, like you can reach us either on the phone or by SMS at


+39.338.6817877 - Riccardo


+39.338.6817830 - Tereza


with our new TIM cell-phone numbers in Italy.


 (Yes, TIM numbers, as while I was in India, suffering for the good of humanity,

the weasels at Omnitel ferreted out my account for deletion !!!!!!

How nice of them! No more Omnitel for me...

Oh, and my Blu one's gone too, but I think due to their own little problems. Oh well... )


Sign up for email accounts at

So what is the point of having a web-site?

Potential interchange, a Webcrossing... (if Wolza still has his site up and running...)

so while I'm working on entheobotany, neuropsychoacoustics, perception and the genetic modification of organic matter seeking a boundless ethical framework with no illusions of achieving consensus reality?

So, this reasoning leads me to dedicate this space to

the furtherance of
Inter-personal / Extra-ordinary

Drop in often, as there's bound to be ever more reasons to do so.

As time and opportunity take their toll... since I'm still paying for my great decision-making capacity in New Delhi. Though it was all for the furtherance of my own personal, ordinary interaction with traditional and modern systems of knowledge and values...

'bit vague, but then again that's the way it has to be for now, as I've got lots of things to do, people to see... so, for now...

For those who haven't caught up with me yet, I'm done with my work in India,

and survived mostly thanks to an aphorism of
Georges Ivanovich Gurdjieff (1866-1949):



The worse the conditions of life
the more productive the work,
always provided you remember the work.


...and plod ahead in the footsteps of...




    Rosaleen Norton 




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