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            Adrenalinn - love it or I don't know what...          VG-8

Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence - coz there's damn little down here...

John C. Lilly

Terrence McKenna


HIWATT (the REAL site!)

get Hyperreal

the lycaeum - learn something...

the Trieste daily newspaper...


translate into your favorite language (without putting a fish in your ear...)translate into your favorite jargon...Electro Harmonix

the Timothy Leary space-site






Support Group for Indigenous Peoples'

Unrepresented Nations

a little LEVITY


    Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park - Cairns - North Queensland - Australia



William S. Burroughs




                                                                          to H.H. the Dalai Lama's official Tibetan medical school                 to the website of the government of Tibet in exile

  go to Esalen... whether you need it or not...


go to the FortuneCity membership page


go to the Yahoo/Geocities membership page


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