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Welcome to our Homepage!

You can email us at our rsg at gattart dot org  or see our contact page...


We changed email address, and spelling, because of spamming... but we're still checking the old one!


  Latest News


    Here's the newest and most important

    updates that you should check out first:

First of all...

there is always our About Us page!

Then there is my scientific section here on the right with my PhD thesis and other work in downloadable and web-viewable formats.

If you can't see them, download the viewers:


  viewer for ppt files:                      


Get Adobe Reader  and for pdf files:          


A new page for some musical instruments I'm selling...


Gibson SG Standard Keychain

CLICK on the SG to get pictures and the list

CLICCARE sull'SG per foto e lista


di strumenti musicali che ho messo in vendita...



Click here to see larger wedding photo!!!


    These files can be viewed in your browser or downloaded.
    Specialized viewers are available for download on your left.


Curriculum Vitae, ENGLISH (a short pdf file)


Curriculum Vitae, ITALIANO (a short pdf file)        

(these are linked to both theses, last mod. 1 Oct. 2004)


Degree copies (a Power Point file or a pdf file)

(High School at Carson Graham Senior Secondary of North Van,

B.C., Canada, then the Laurea in Farmacia from the University of

Trieste, Italy, and finally, the Ph.D. in molecular genetics from the

International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology

(ICGEB) New Delhi, India)    



Pharmacy thesis (a largish pdf file)

(English version for degree in pharmacy, i.e., tesi sperimentale in

chimica farmaceutica, Laurea in Farmacia, Universita' di Trieste, Italy)



PhD synopsis (a short pdf file)


PhD thesis (in 4 interlinked pdf files)

          (awarded by ICGEB / Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India)


PhD thesis presentation (3 interlinked ppt files)

(for defense of PhD thesis - download each file when prompted -

view full-screen for best results - click to advance, OR

view this on-line single pps file if you CLICK HERE )



Astrobiology abstracts (a short pdf file)


Astrobiology paper, from poster (a short pdf file)


Astrobiology paper (a short pdf file)


Astrobiology presentation (3 interlinked ppt files)

          (presented at the Seventh Conference on Chemical Evolution

           and the Origin of Life - download it & view it full-screen OR

           view this on-line single pps file if you CLICK HERE)


Link to 7th Trieste conference on Origin of Life




     the abdus salam ictp





  Photo Albums

  Community & Pro Links

  Follow these links to

  pages with our photos,



Click here to see our pictures from trips in Europe


                 our latest photos  


                     Click here to see our Wedding pix and other Nagaland photos!!!


Nagaland photos 


CLICK to see pix of earlier days...


                        older pix



  or the tracks for the Photo Gallery homepage:

Animated Paws








  NEWS  the Tasmanian cave drawing  

                discovered in, well, in Tasmania I

                guess, are now public domain! See

                one of these graceful pieces of man's

                heritage from a long-gone era of,

                mmm, well, of man's heritage...



    These are just some of our main web-related links.
    A full list of our recommended links is in a page of its own.

Click to go to the National Centre for Biotech Info homepage


go to the EAPB...





A page of its own... (links)


Kliban links... FOFI

or some Kliban right here...


more maps to find your way on Earth

Ordine dei farmacisti della provincia di Gorizia





Follow the Cat in the Hat to...


follow the cat in the hat back to RSG pages...

ah... but where would we be if we had never...      


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